BritishGambler pointed out the difference between female players and men


According to a new study conducted by the affiliated company BritishGambler, women are more likely to gamble, while men prefer to bet on sports.

A study of online casino visitors conducted from January 1 to July 31 analyzed the behavior of new customers making deposits on 526 UK sites. BritishGambler also interviewed 850 people to find out more about the motives of the players.

The researchers found that among the preferred so-called “slots for luck” 78% were women. However, when it comes to betting, it’s quite the opposite. According to the data obtained, 72% of bettors are men.

The organization drew several conclusions from this. For example, that men are more attracted to competitions based on pumping skills and experience.

Alexander Kostin from BritishGambler, said: “It is very interesting to look at the difference between male and female betting behavior. Research has shown that the first are attracted to betting on outcomes based on skills. In addition, we found that even in some games of luck, men dominate. An example is poker, in which the outcome of the game depends very much on the case. At the same time, 83% of online poker players are men.”

Kostin also noted that women tend to choose entertainment separately from men. At the same time, representatives of the fair sex are now betting on sports much more often than before.

The study showed that this summer at the Royal Ascot races, almost 50% of the contributions were made by women. However, Kostin noted that 78% of female players supported a particular animal “because of the name or color of the horse, as well as wanting to bet on the jockey.”

Interesting information was also revealed about how representatives of different sexes cope with failures. According to the study, women rarely talk about their losses, while men do not tend to be shy. This is attributed to the desire of the latter to show that they can afford any unsuccessful investments.

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BritishGambler pointed out the difference between female players and men

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