For five years, almost 3 million tourists have visited the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone


Pavel Perov, General Director of the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone, on the eve of its fifth anniversary, spoke about the achievements that this territory has been able to achieve since its launch. According to him, local entertainment facilities received almost 3 million visitors during the reporting period.

This was largely achieved after local gambling entertainment operators launched a large-scale project to develop junket tourism in the region. The service is aimed more at wealthy foreign guests. Now, thanks to this, the zone regularly receives customers from China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and other major countries.

“Junket tours proved to be less effective during the global coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, we have established regular communication with Bahrain. The Manama – Sochi route will start operating immediately after the holidays. Now the team of the gambling zone is working on coordinating a flight between Delhi and the city of Sochi,” the press release from.

It should be noted that the official launch of gambling on the territory of Krasnaya Polyana took place in January 2017, when the iconic Sochi Casino opened for the whole of Russia.

“Our plans to further improve these promising territories have faced blockages and restrictions due to the pandemic. But we did not give up, setting a certain momentum. Not so long ago, the announcement of the launch of the construction of a completely new gambling zone took place. It will be located in the Far East,” Pavel Perov said.

According to the functionary, Krasnaya Polyana intends to take a leading position in the global segment of gambling entertainment and hospitality.

In addition to the Sochi Casino, there is a slot machine hall “Bonus Slots”, as well as a gambling establishment “Boomerang” on the territory of the zone. Each of them has its own advantages and is focused on a specific type of recreation. It also offers visitors other entertainment options — bars and restaurants, a sports complex, a five-star world-class hotel, a unique theater in the Sochi mountains.

Recall that casinos in the Krasnodar Territory have doubled tax deductions to the regional budget.

В Азербайджане предложили открыть первое легальное казино


Депутаты парламента Азербайджана представили для рассмотрения вопрос о легализации на территории страны игорного бизнеса. В частности, в Карабахе предлагают открыть крупное наземное казино. Инициатором проекта является заместитель председателя парламентского комитета по правовой политике и государственному строительству Гудрат Гасангулиев.

Отрасль азартных развлечений в Азербайджане, включая любые виды онлайн-гемблинга, покер и ставки на спорт в сети Интернет, находится под запретом с 1999 года. Однако разрешена деятельность спортивных тотализаторов и государственных лотерей.

По мнению Гудрата Гасангулиева, массовое развитие игорного бизнеса позволит направить в бюджет дополнительный объем средств за счет привлечения повышенного числа туристов.

«В основе моего предложения лежит легализация казино. Например, целесообразно взять опыт России, где игорные заведения размещены в пределах конкретных территорий. Аналогичный проект можно реализовать и в Азербайджане, открыв крупное казино в Карабахе. Так мы сможем привлечь достаточно туристов, а вырученные деньги пойдут в бюджет. Кроме того, есть предложение о размещении аналогичного объекта на острове Наргин», — признался Гасангулиев, обсуждая вопрос легализации в парламенте.

Отметим, в ближайшее время власти представят новую редакцию статьи о наказаниях за организацию нелегальных азартных развлечений в Азербайджане. Так, к нарушителям будут применять санкции в виде штрафов от 5 000 манатов (чуть больше 218 000 рублей) для физлиц и до 50 000 в национальной валюте (более 2,1 млн рублей) для юридических лиц.

Помимо денежных взысканий, Кодекс содержит норму по конфискации имущества, включая оборудование для проведения игр (столы, слот-машины, терминалы) и блокировке всех банковских счетов преступников.

Напомним, для игорной зоны «Приморье» разработают уникальный проект модернизации.

The most popular BGaming slots have received Christmas updates


Belarusian developer of software and online slots BGaming he does not get tired of delighting fans with new releases. So, in honor of the upcoming holidays, the company released Christmas versions of its most popular games, including those loved by millions of users Aloha King Elvis, Candy Monsta, Miss Cherry Fruits and Fruit Million. Updated titles are already available on casino platforms from the developer’s partner network.

According to the press service of BGaming, the company, in addition to a new set of slots in the theme of Christmas, has prepared an impressive number of additional surprises for its users.

“Everyone knows that New Year and Christmas are special holidays that are designed to work miracles. Our team shares the love of millions for these celebrations, so we wanted to please users with something special. We strive for every BGaming slot to charge with emotions and inspire,” said Alexandra Kavelich, Brand Communications Manager at BGaming Studio.

It should be noted that in early December, BGaming launched its first cascade machine called Bonanza Billion – the developer’s debut game, made according to the 6×5 scheme. Along with the standard replenishment function for cascade slots, the game also boasts a wide range of free spins, scatters and additional symbols. The latter can turn into a random multiplier and increase the bet by 100 times.

Bonanza Billion is already available at reputable online casinos such as WildTornado, N1, Slot Hunter and other sites.

BGaming is known not only for its advanced slots, but also for its active support of cryptocurrencies in the gambling entertainment market. Now the brand’s portfolio includes more than 70 items, including slot machines, table games, video poker and other products.

Recall that BGaming has introduced a multiversion of the Fruit Million video slot, created for Christmas.

The Dutch online gambling market has been significantly underestimated


According to the Minister of Legal Protection of the Netherlands, Sander Dekker, the volume of the local online gambling market turned out to be much larger than originally expected. The politician published his opinion in a special letter to the country’s parliament.

The established data led to the fact that the Dutch authorities revised the initial figure of gross state budget revenue from this sector of the economy, increasing it in 2021 from 580 million euros to 814 million. This circumstance, according to Dekker, is another proof of the correct decision of the authorities to legalize gambling.

The Dutch online gambling market has been significantly underestimated

Sander Dekker – Minister of Legal Protection of the Netherlands

“Should we be shocked that the online gambling market is dealing with a larger volume than we previously assumed? I think not. You can look at the situation in a different way. For me, this primarily indicates that the political decision to legalize and regulate online gambling on the territory of the Netherlands is wise and timely. The more extensive the industry, the more reason to protect consumers well from the risks associated with gambling,” said Sander Dekker.

At the same time, the Dutch gambling authority Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) was able to determine that the gross revenue from this industry will be significantly higher than indicated in the preliminary plan. The adjustments were made after the regulator was able to access the official reports of licensed operators. Previously, due to a number of legislative delays, the agency relied solely on indirect data and estimates of commercial information providers.

It should be noted that today Kansspelautoriteit has officially issued 11 gambling licenses. So, local users are already served by large companies, including Holland Casino, ToTo Online, FPO Netherlands, NSUS Limited, PlayNorth Limited, bet365, Tombola, Bet365 Group, VirginBet, BetEnt BV, Bingoal BV. The JOI Gaming Limited brand became the last one who managed to join the market legalized in October.

Recall that gambling operators of Georgia criticized the initiative of the authorities to tighten supervision of the gambling sphere.

Vitus (Vituss Britva) – the story of the most famous Russian-language online casino streamer


Vitus Britva, or Vituss Britva— is a Russian-language streamer in an online casino, who is known for scandalous commercials, as well as a 6 million rubles skid. He posts videos and conducts live broadcasts, where he communicates with fans and gives advice. Has an ambiguous reputation among gamblers. Some trust the player, while others openly hate. There are many reasons to love and hate a ludoman streamer.

  • Brief biography
  • How Vitus became a streamer
  • The secret of popularity
  • Best drifts
  • Fighting ludomania
  • Five facts about the streamer
  • Casinos where Vitus plays

Vitus (Vituss Britva) - the story of the most famous Russian-language online casino streamer

The story of the streamer Vitus is full of ups and downs that will be instructive for everyone

Brief biography

His real name is Viktor Khlusov. Born on August 25, 1985 in Krasnodar Krai. The streamer tells a little about his childhood and youth. It is known that the first acquaintance with slot machines took place in Sochi in 2002, where he was vacationing with friends. The rate of 50 rubles, he spun up to 15 thousand. I spent half of my winnings on betting, the rest on drinking and entertainment. Since that time, visits to land-based slot machine halls have begun. After the ban on gambling in Russia, Viktor for some time refused a profitable hobby.

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With the advent of the online casino, a new stage in his life began. Vituss Britva, popular today, started playing slots and getting into debt. In the 2010-2017’s, he was engaged in VKontakte public sites and received a percentage of advertising. All the earnings were spent on debt repayment and new rates. He became an avid ludomaniac. From the revelations of a top Russian-speaking streamer, it is known that at that time he earned about 120 thousand rubles a month, but still took loans, borrowed from friends and pulled money from public.

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How Vitus became a streamer

The story began with watching videos with streams of Andrey TTR. Then the player came up with the idea to launch his YouTube channel. He established contacts with the managers of the online casino and began to post the first streams.  The number of subscribers grew rapidly and Vituss became an affiliate.

The conflict with TTR caused a wave of discontent, as the streamer was accused of cheating.

The first Russian-speaking ludovode at the forum said that Vitus plays for no deposit from the casino, and not for his own money. Haters picked up the wave, and Victor was banned from the forum. By the way, according to Vituss Britva, this is exactly how Andrey TTR himself rose. Then there was a whole series of videos about Vitus’ deceptions, which he refuted, confirming his words with screenshots from an online casino. He showed his deposits and withdrawals.

In 2018, a massive blocking of YouTube channels related to gambling began. The popular streamer channel “Ludomania” also got banned. Casino Streams». He switched to Twich, where he began developing the VitussBritva channel. Six months later, he was also blocked. But this did not stop the player, he still appears on video hosting sites.

The streamer’s candid monologue is presented on his official channel, where he talks about his life path in more detail.

The secret of Vitus’ popularity in your opinion?

  • Emotionality
  • Obscenity
  • Shocking behavior
  • Big bets on streams
  • Tips for beginners

View results

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The secret of popularity

During the game Vitus is always emotional, uses obscene language, gives advice to the audience. Some people think that this is a great acting game, others think this behavior is a natural trait of Victor. He often plays under the influence of alcohol and confides, although haters claim that everything said about playing for “candy wrappers” is a lie.

In a fit of emotions and the effects of alcohol, Vituss trashed his apartment

The shocking behavior of the player attracts attention. He trashed his apartment when he spent about half a million rubles in the casino in two months. The streamer was very drunk, and losing the last money caused an inadequate reaction.

His live broadcasts and processed videos gain 200 thousand views or more. By the way, initially he paid attention to haters and got into fights with them, but then he learned to ignore them. According to him, he reads forums with hateful posts, but removes vile comments on his channels.

In his free time, Viktor Khlusov runs his travel blog

Over the years of communicating with the audience, Viktor Khlusov has developed his own formula for the success of a YouTube channel about gambling:

  • He streams for real money, and plays on maxbet. The record bet on a spin reached 20 thousand rubles.
  • Gives advice to beginners on playing in an online casino.
  • Reveals the secrets of slot machines. He bets only on licensed software from NetEnt, Microgaming, Push Gaming, etc.
  • Helps novice casino streamers.

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The best drifts

  • The drift of 6 million rubles, which gave the Jack and The Beanstalk slot from NetEnt, became fateful. From that moment on, the player’s popularity began to grow. By the way, then the player began to cry with joy. His emotionality and a big win did their job.
  • Another deposit of 8 million rubles was received on the Jammin Jars slot machine from Push Gaming. Vitus first leaked a million, then brought in 200 thousand and hit the jackpot in one spin. In a fit of emotion, he even broke the monitor.
  • Mega-skid in the Dead or Alive slot brought 6.5 million rubles. Vitus managed to catch five scatters.
  • There are more than 60 videos on the streamer’s channel with skids of one million rubles and above.

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Fighting ludomania

In his streams Vituss talks about ludomania. There are videos on his channel where he talks about the problems that gambling addiction causes. He gives all the tips and recommendations to the players, referring to his own experience. He does not promote gambling, claiming that it is impossible to get rid of the need to play.

By the way, he openly calls himself a ludoman. At the same time, he gives advice to others and tells them how to get out of the “networks”.

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Five facts about the streamer

Favorite slot machines Elements, Jack and The Beanstalk, Wish Master and Girls with Guns Frozen
Channels Vitus, Vitus online and Vitus Razor
Casino Licensed with software certificates
Reviews On casinos and slot machines
Partnership Affiliate of famous online casinos

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Casinos where Vitus plays

Earlier we told you which casino Vitus plays at – more about it here. Victor prefers only licensed and well-known casinos. In his videos, he often emphasizes that a proven gambling establishment is the key to a successful game. In the main, he streams in PlayFortuna, JoyCasino, PlayAmo, Goldfishka. His choice indicates an honest attitude towards the audience.

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Gambling operators of Georgia are dissatisfied with the authorities’ plans regarding gambling


The Gambling Business Association of Georgia (GGA) has officially published its position on the draft law of the Government of the country on tightening regulation of the gambling entertainment industry. The organization is unhappy that the authorities decided to radically change the rules without consulting with representatives of this industry. The information was confirmed by GGA Chairman Giorgi Mamulaishvili.

The functionary demanded to organize negotiations with the team of Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili to discuss the announced changes. In his opinion, such drastic reforms will hit the economy hard. Mamulaishvili predicts an increase in unemployment and a decrease in subsidies to social spheres.

“The expected tightening is completely unacceptable. Not a single consultation was held with our business. The tone with which the government speaks about the work of the gambling business is outrageous. We learn all the news only from the media, no one communicates with the Association and does not consult,” Giorgi Mamulaishvili said.

He added: “If deputies and ministers maintain their point of view and do not meet halfway, representatives of domestic gambling will be forced to optimize financial activities. In such conditions, we will have to abandon any social projects, including sponsorship of the sports sphere.”

According to the GGA, legislative initiatives to ban the operation of online casinos on the territory of the country will have a negative impact not only on internal affairs, but also on the international image of Georgia.

Mamulaishvili is confident that the ban on gambling at the legislative level will literally open the way for the development of shadow gambling in the country, and citizens will be forced to use the services of foreign operators through VPN services. Accordingly, the authorities will lose control over the financial flows of this industry, and the treasury will cease to receive a significant part of the income.

Recall that the Georgian authorities have identified a list of citizens who will be restricted access to online gambling.

The budget of the Krasnodar Territory recorded an increase in taxes from local casinos


According to the statistics of the Ministry of Finance of the Krasnodar Territory, the local gambling sector shows strong growth rates. This applies both to earnings and the amount of taxes transferred to the regional budget.

So, as of November 1 of this year, representatives of the gambling entertainment industry of Kuban sent 370.3 million rubles to the treasury in the form of fiscal payments. This figure turned out to be twice as high as that recorded for the same period in 2020.

Statistics from last year indicate that the regional budget received 184.3 million rubles from gambling establishments in Kuban on September 1. The total amount of fiscal payments by this sector of the economy amounted to 440.3 million in national currency. In 2021, the planned indicator of fees from the region’s casinos is at the level of ₽424.78 million.

It is important to clarify that local operators show a constant increase in deductions to the local treasury, starting from March of this year. So, as of June 1, the considered revenue item of the region amounted to 192 million rubles and exceeded last year’s marker by 1.7 times. By September, receipts had increased 2.2 times or 298.4 million rubles. Over the next 30 days, the amount of taxes transferred by gambling increased to ₽333.7 million. At the same time, a year earlier, the indicator in question stopped at 156.3 million rubles.

Recall that the gambling zone “Krasnaya Polyana” has published plans to celebrate the New Year and its five-year anniversary of work. The celebration promises a rich entertainment program. In the period from December 31 to January 9, a number of concerts of famous pop stars will be held on the territory of the IZ. The zone will be congratulated by the group “Bi-2”, Valery Meladze, “NEPARA” and other artists. In addition, the administration will hold a unique campaign “Magic 5. Everything is real!”, within which a prize fund of 35,000,000 rubles will be drawn.

New Investor will build a large-scale hotel complex in Primorye


A new hotel complex will be built in the Primorye gambling zone. Representatives of JSC “Primorsky Krai Development Corporation” and LLC “Asia-Invest Group” reported on the construction of such. The parties have already signed the relevant contract and are drawing up a work plan.

The preliminary cost of the project is estimated at 2.5 billion rubles. Local authorities noted that, in general, gambling facilities in the region have attracted investments of more than 75 billion rubles, and 20 of them have already been placed at the disposal of the government and contractors.

“We are going to build a full-fledged hotel complex, on the territory of which there will be associated entertainment facilities, including a casino. The project will create many new jobs in the region, and tax revenues will go to budgets of all levels, from local to state. Construction work should start already in 2022,” the Primorye government reports in its press release.

The gambling zone is part of a tourist and entertainment association in Muravyina Bay near Vladivostok. The first stage of the project involves the construction of twelve hotel complexes. They will have at least three stars. In each there will be entertainment facilities that contribute to a pleasant pastime for both couples and young people. After signing the agreement on the construction of a new complex, Asia-Invest Group LLC will become the seventh investor working on the creation of the region’s infrastructure.

It should be noted that recently the company Naga Corporation Ltd from Cambodia announced the resumption of construction work on the territory of the gambling zone of the hotel complex. This became known at the end of the summer from the press release of the local authorities. Earlier, the construction of the facility was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Recall that since the beginning of 2021, Siberian Coin has received more than 140,000 tourists.

FROM “Krasnaya Polyana” we intend to develop it to the international level


According to Dmitry Anfinogenov, Director for the development of the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone, modernization of this territory will be carried out every year. According to the functionary, the management of the company plans to launch one or two objects here every 12 months.

In addition, the large-scale development initiatives of Krasnaya Polyana have a single ultimate goal — to turn the gambling zone into one of the largest entertainment centers in the world, which will attract foreign tourists and generate significant financial assistance to both the regional budget and the state treasury.

“Every year, a gambling cluster near Sochi will present one or two new specialized institutions. This spring, we opened a modern theater, which is located on the second floor of one of the most prestigious casinos in Europe. We are talking about the “Sochi Casino”. This is only the first stage, a kind of beginning. Now we have on the agenda the expansion of the infrastructure of the gambling establishment “Boomerang”. It is also planned to soon open a spacious restaurant called “Gentlemen” on the territory of the Rosa Khutor resort, as well as a slot machine hall, “Dmitry Anfinogenov admitted.

According to the press service of Krasnaya Polyana, the research of the company “Mikhailov and Partners. Analytics ” showed that local casinos are the most recognizable gambling establishments among Russians. According to the data obtained, 73% of respondents are aware of the existence of “Krasnaya Polyana”. The second position in this rating was occupied by Yantarnaya in the Kaliningrad Region (28%), and the honorable third place was taken by Primorye (24%).

“The Krasnaya Polyana zone has deservedly won the trust of the public, being the most promoted brand in the field of gambling in Russia. This territory has a positive image, ” the press service of the IZ said.

Tigre de Cristal Casino has become a nominee of the prestigious international award World Casino Awards.

Digitain won a prestigious award at the Ukrainian Gaming Week Awards ceremony


Digitain company won the first place in the category “The best supplier of the land-based gambling industry” at the Ukrainian Gaming Week Awards. The event was held in Kiev on the basis of the facilities of the International Exhibition Center. Here, under one roof, about 3,000 participants and guests got acquainted with new products and advanced solutions in the gambling sphere, and more than two dozen companies from 15 countries of the world presented their products.

Ukrainian Gaming Week became the first gambling exhibition and conference on the territory of Ukraine after the official legalization of the gambling entertainment industry in the country. The corresponding document was signed by the President of the state Vladimir Zelensky in August 2020. The UGW Award is awarded to European gambling brands that have achieved the greatest success and demonstrated significant growth at the end of the year.

Digitain is an Armenian company that supplies multi-channel platforms for online casinos and land-based gambling establishments. In addition, the developer provides gambling operators with its own portfolio of slots, solutions for casino aggregators, mechanisms for creating websites and other highly specialized tools.

Lilit Azatyan, Head of Digitain’s B2B Marketing Department, commented on this landmark event for the organization: “We are pleased to be recognized by the prestigious UGW Awards for the high standards of our advanced products. After such a difficult year, we really appreciate that the professionalism of the Digitain teams responsible for our development and platform was marked in this way.”

She added: “The award recognizes the continuous innovation and creativity of solutions for a variety of companies in this industry provided by the Digitain teams. We thank them for their hard work and enthusiasm. The victory at the Ukrainian Gaming Week Awards ceremony is a huge honor for us.”

Recall that a casino is going to be opened in an elite hotel in Kiev opposite the Verkhovna Rada.