Interview with the HR director of a large gambling company


Editorial Office he continues a series of publications devoted to various professions in the gambling industry. The hero of the second material was the HR director of one of the gambling companies in the CIS.

— How long have you been in the gambling industry and what function do you currently perform in the company?

— In fact, the function of HR and the only recruiter in one person. For me, this is a single process, since it is much easier to adapt, motivate and even dismiss people when you know the employee from the moment you receive a resume and the first interview. In general, I have been working in the field of HR/recruiting for almost 10 years, in gambling-about four.

How did you start your professional career?

– From an administrator in an international recruiting agency, then I was an external recruiter, after that I was a recruiter in a product IT company, first without technical specialties, then with them and dale (not technical specialties), after + technical and then-HR. In fact, there was no formal transition to the position — there was a turning point when it was necessary to make a decision, take responsibility for yourself and become an HR independently from the position of a recruiter.

– What are your responsibilities? How is a normal working day going?

– Responsibilities — a full cycle of recruiting from opening a vacancy to an offer and a full cycle of HR from onboarding to dismissal. There are a lot of responsibilities, but there is always room for creativity. The company supports any initiatives that will have a positive impact on the business as a whole.

I build a standard working day for myself. I start the morning with myself, in the sense that I need to check social networks, news sites. Then I allocate 2-3 hours for analyzing resumes, correspondence with candidates, appointment of interviews. I devote the second half of the day to more global tasks in the field of HR. But this division is conditional, since communication with employees, assistance in solving their issues is present both during working and non-working hours in the format of personal communication or correspondence.

 Interview with the HR director of a large gambling company

In the USA alone, 350,000 people officially worked in gambling in 2014

— What is the difference between HR in the gambling industry and other areas?

— The gambling industry is a special niche, and the specialists in it are really different from others. Due to the specifics of the business, it is often necessary to act quickly, to be able to make important decisions in a short time. Thanks to this, mostly specialists are not “processers”, but ” result workers — – they are focused on the final result and think with results, this applies to any positions. There is also a minimum of bureaucracy, which allows you to constantly search and find new tools for digitalization and automation, and this is supported and appreciated by the management.

— Have you had any experience in hiring foreign specialists? What are their key differences from employees from Russia and Ukraine?

— I had experience working with English-speaking applicants, it’s like a personal challenge. When conducting an interview in a non-native language, it is a little more difficult to choose the right words, as well as to feel the character and soft skills of the candidate. It takes a little more time to understand whether your candidate is your candidate. I don’t see any difference in employees from Russia and Ukraine, they all have the same goals. Natives have a more mature approach, they understand better what they specifically want and express what they are looking for more openly. Perhaps the situation has changed now, but 4 years ago, when the natives realized that there were not enough of them, they felt that the game was on their side, they behaved more confidently.

— How have the approaches and methods of hiring people changed over the years over the past 10 years? What changes can we expect in the coming years?

— There are more sources for finding specialists, the sites themselves are getting better, new functionality appears, which really saves time. For example, an online chat with a candidate on the website I am not a fan of calling candidates, since you need to go to the meeting room, which is distracting, and online chat allows you to specify the necessary details in the format of correspondence with the candidate and simultaneously solve other tasks. I think that more and more necessary and useful tools for automation will continue to appear. And this pleases.

– What channels do you use to search for personnel? What works most effectively?

— It all depends on the specifics of the position. The standard for development and top positions is Djinni. Dou is more suitable for finding marketers, Telegram channels work well for them. Linkedin has not been canceled either. It takes more time to work with it, but it is still a good tool for finding rare specialists. For novice specialists, job sites remain relevant. And of course, the recommendations of employees work very well.

— What causes the most problems when hiring employees?

– The specifics of the niche — not all applicants want to work in gambling. And the inability to openly identify the product that you will need to work on. For example, in the job description.

— How big is the turnover of personnel in gambling and why? 

— We have a small turnover. Basically, in the support service, and then for the most part because of internal rotation: the growth of the employee’s skills and, accordingly, the transfer to a higher position.

— What are the main problems you see now when searching for new people? 

— It is difficult to find specialists when it is critically necessary for a candidate to have relevant experience in a niche, since no one publicly indicates a gambling company in the profile because of the NDA.

— If a person wants to work in the gambling industry, how to get there? 

— Many people start with the support service, because it is there that you can study the product itself and the audience as well as possible.

-Do salaries for specialists in online casinos differ from similar ones in other areas?

– Yes, they mostly differ in a big way for the same positions. At the same time, for technical specialists engaged in development, the market price does not depend on the niche.

– Recruitment involves a lot of communication with people. Are there moments of burnout and fatigue from people? How do you deal with this?

– Of course, there are such moments. The ability to switch between tasks and a change of environment helps here. If I feel that I am not emotionally ready for communication, I switch to analytical work, studying or developing something new. It also helps to change the situation — to go out of town for the weekend, spend time with loved ones in a narrow circle.

— What are the main pros and cons of your profession? What is the most difficult and what charges the most?

– The advantages are communication with specialists from different professional fields, with interesting people. The opportunity to help both a single specialist and a business become better and more successful. The ability to act unconventionally, to be creative, to draw or come up with various features, the introduction of which facilitates certain processes. People drive, non-standard tasks, freedom of action and the opportunity to come up with something new.

Among the disadvantages — the work is quite stressful, given the niche, everything is often needed “yesterday”. At the same time, when solving a business problem, we should not forget about the human factor. Even if you feel stressed inside, when communicating with employees, you need to be able to forget these emotions and switch to the positive. Of course, the first dismissal of an employee was very difficult. This is something that will be remembered forever. Now the dismissal of an employee is the door to something better for him. The ability to say goodbye beautifully and correctly is a lucrative skill.

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— And what do people most often get fired for and how to do it correctly?

— Mostly for the lack of results in the work. The dismissal must always be correct, carried out independently by the head or by three people (employee & #8211; head & # 8211; HR). It is mandatory to argue the reasons for dismissal.

– Which is better: a beginner with no experience with burning eyes or an employee with experience?

– Ideally, a person with experience and burning eyes.

— Is there more negativity or positive emotions, routine or creativity in your work?

– Of course, I can find positive emotions, even in the most stressful situations. Routine and creativity — 30 to 70. I try to make my life easier and find ways to reduce routine, I like to automate processes — for me this is part of creativity.

— What advantages should HR have for effective work?

– Efficiency, stress resistance, flexibility, creativity, tolerance, the ability to take responsibility and admit mistakes.

— How much does HR earn on average? What does his income consist of — a fixed part, bonuses for a hired specialist, something else?

— In my case, the position combines both recruiting and HR, so there is no point in making a bonus for the hired specialist — I am looking for people for my own company. If the company has a recruiting department that is exclusively engaged in search and selection, then yes, the bonus for the hired employee should be paid after the candidate has passed the probationary period. So the recruiter will be interested in the rapid adaptation of the newcomer and will help him in this.

HR must have a bonus, but without reference to time-exclusively with a focus on results: he developed and implemented a new feature, introduced a tool for automating any routine tasks, etc. The salary fork, of course, depends on the level of the position, achievements, achievements and impact on the business — from 1500 to 3500 USD. Yes, the scope is large, but the position in different companies implies different roles.

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— What is considered unacceptable in the profession?

– Dislike of people, unwillingness to understand the business in which you work and which you help to develop through constant work with the staff. It’s trite, but discipline is very important for HR, as well as for any manager and team leader.

— How do your family, friends and relatives feel about your work?

– Excellent, since for the most part no one knows the scope of the company’s activities. And those who know have a neutral attitude to the niche.

— Do you gamble yourself? 

– Rarely and purely for testing your company’s product. I like it, but not to the extent that I spend my free time playing. I treat the gambling industry normally, business as business.

— Have you had any experience playing in a land-based casino? 

– Yes, but also purely for the sake of interest. I was in one of the oldest casinos in Monaco. It would be stupid to go there and not play. An insanely colorful place and a pleasant atmosphere.

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