Swedish Gambling Regulator Launches New Awareness Campaign


The Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) has launched a nationwide campaign encouraging people to play only on licensed sites. The initiative of the regulatory body emphasizes the importance of choosing officially registered operators. The program was called “Games need rules”.

The new SGA campaign includes three short films that have been published on social media and on the organization’s website. The host of these videos is Swedish TV presenter Anders Lundin. He voices each film, repeating at the end the main slogan of the campaign – games need rules.

The scenarios of the videos are associated with cheating in popular board games, which is possible only on sites that are in an illegal situation. The films humorously convey the message about the importance of choosing the right venue, both online and on the ground.

The SGA statement accompanying the videos says: “Perhaps cheating in board games is not a particularly dangerous offense. However, if you are betting with your own money, it is important that gambling companies follow the rules. The Swedish Gambling Authority only controls those who have a national license.”

These three films are connected by a single message with a longer video posted on the regulator’s website. Anders Lundin is personally present in it. The video is intended to provide additional information about the advantages of choosing a licensed gaming company.

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The Swedish gambling regulator has launched a new educational campaign

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Yvonne Heydenberg, SGA Public Relations Manager, commented: “Our goal is to inform the public that they have a choice between companies that have a Swedish license and operators that do not have one. Citizens have the right to know all the advantages of choosing a site that has an activity permit.”

The news about the launch of the campaign appeared immediately after the SGA announced a total modernization and reconstruction of its website for self-excluded players.

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