The register of self-excluded players has started working in Ukraine


According to the updated information of the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (KRAIL) of Ukraine, the register of citizens who are restricted or prohibited from entering Ukrainian gambling establishments and/or participating in gambling has officially started working in the country. The corresponding order is published on the website of the regulator.

The authors of the document claim that it is designed to fight ludomania and will provide the principles of responsible gambling in real life.

According to the accepted norms, the organizers of the gambling business, who work on the territory of Ukraine under the official license of KRAIL, must now grant customers the right to independently restrict their access to the services of casinos, slot machine halls, bookmakers and lotteries. The minimum ban period is 6 months, the maximum is 3 years.

In order to formalize this procedure, the organizer or the KRAIL is obliged to accept a written request from an individual (applicant), simultaneously confirming his identity. In addition, all gambling establishments will identify each visitor at the entrance in order to prevent the admission to gambling entertainment of persons under 21 years of age and citizens who are prohibited from entering gambling facilities according to the relevant law.

A person’s name can be entered in the “stop list” by one of his family members in the first line of kinship or an official representative. The decision of the judicial authority is also a legal basis for restricting the participation of a particular citizen in the gambling business.

The draft law prescribes the main criteria for the admission of Ukrainians to gambling. The first prerequisite is to reach the age of 21. Secondly, a potential client of a casino and a BC should not experience serious financial problems. If his debts exceed 250,000 hryvnias, then he risks getting into the exclusion register. Alimony, subsidies and large loans can also cause a ban on visiting institutions.

Recall that Stakelogic has officially received a Ukrainian gambling license.

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