Vadim Galygin told about the creation of an online slot Dig Dig Digger


Recently, the gambling software development studio BGaming announced the release of a new online slot called Dig Dig Digger. The prototype of the main character of the game was the famous Belarusian comedian Vadim Galygin. He also took an active part in its development. In an exclusive interview, the showman told about some details of the creation of the slot.

So, Vadim Galygin admitted that he had long wanted to become the author of some game, so the offer from BGaming it was received on time. According to him, the image of the main character of the game, the scientist-traveler Kapai, has long lived in his head. He regularly showed it on stage when he was still performing in KVN, but this time he managed to realize his plans in the online space.

When asked what was the most exciting thing in the process of creating the game, Galygin replied: “I participated in almost all stages-from drawing sketches to voice acting. I admit that it was very difficult to choose one of the proposed variants of the main character, which were drawn by artists. Our task was to find a balance between our preferences and the wishes of the players. Gradually, the character began to look like what I imagined him to be. Skinny legs, an elongated nose, an incomprehensible hairstyle are his features that emphasize his character.”

“The voice-over process was especially fascinating. We were looking for puns, jokes. We tried to make our jokes understandable in all languages, ” the comedian said.

In addition, Vadim Galygin admitted that the most active and attentive users will be able to find several tips in the online slot Dig Dig Digger that will lead them to much more significant winnings.

He also indirectly confirmed that he will continue to cooperate with BGaming to create new exciting developments. According to him, they already have some very interesting ideas for the next games.

Recall that BGaming, together with the World Boxing Council, has released a new online slot.

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