Vitus (Vituss Britva) – the story of the most famous Russian-language online casino streamer


Vitus Britva, or Vituss Britva— is a Russian-language streamer in an online casino, who is known for scandalous commercials, as well as a 6 million rubles skid. He posts videos and conducts live broadcasts, where he communicates with fans and gives advice. Has an ambiguous reputation among gamblers. Some trust the player, while others openly hate. There are many reasons to love and hate a ludoman streamer.

  • Brief biography
  • How Vitus became a streamer
  • The secret of popularity
  • Best drifts
  • Fighting ludomania
  • Five facts about the streamer
  • Casinos where Vitus plays

Vitus (Vituss Britva) - the story of the most famous Russian-language online casino streamer

The story of the streamer Vitus is full of ups and downs that will be instructive for everyone

Brief biography

His real name is Viktor Khlusov. Born on August 25, 1985 in Krasnodar Krai. The streamer tells a little about his childhood and youth. It is known that the first acquaintance with slot machines took place in Sochi in 2002, where he was vacationing with friends. The rate of 50 rubles, he spun up to 15 thousand. I spent half of my winnings on betting, the rest on drinking and entertainment. Since that time, visits to land-based slot machine halls have begun. After the ban on gambling in Russia, Viktor for some time refused a profitable hobby.

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With the advent of the online casino, a new stage in his life began. Vituss Britva, popular today, started playing slots and getting into debt. In the 2010-2017’s, he was engaged in VKontakte public sites and received a percentage of advertising. All the earnings were spent on debt repayment and new rates. He became an avid ludomaniac. From the revelations of a top Russian-speaking streamer, it is known that at that time he earned about 120 thousand rubles a month, but still took loans, borrowed from friends and pulled money from public.

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How Vitus became a streamer

The story began with watching videos with streams of Andrey TTR. Then the player came up with the idea to launch his YouTube channel. He established contacts with the managers of the online casino and began to post the first streams.  The number of subscribers grew rapidly and Vituss became an affiliate.

The conflict with TTR caused a wave of discontent, as the streamer was accused of cheating.

The first Russian-speaking ludovode at the forum said that Vitus plays for no deposit from the casino, and not for his own money. Haters picked up the wave, and Victor was banned from the forum. By the way, according to Vituss Britva, this is exactly how Andrey TTR himself rose. Then there was a whole series of videos about Vitus’ deceptions, which he refuted, confirming his words with screenshots from an online casino. He showed his deposits and withdrawals.

In 2018, a massive blocking of YouTube channels related to gambling began. The popular streamer channel “Ludomania” also got banned. Casino Streams». He switched to Twich, where he began developing the VitussBritva channel. Six months later, he was also blocked. But this did not stop the player, he still appears on video hosting sites.

The streamer’s candid monologue is presented on his official channel, where he talks about his life path in more detail.

The secret of Vitus’ popularity in your opinion?

  • Emotionality
  • Obscenity
  • Shocking behavior
  • Big bets on streams
  • Tips for beginners

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The secret of popularity

During the game Vitus is always emotional, uses obscene language, gives advice to the audience. Some people think that this is a great acting game, others think this behavior is a natural trait of Victor. He often plays under the influence of alcohol and confides, although haters claim that everything said about playing for “candy wrappers” is a lie.

In a fit of emotions and the effects of alcohol, Vituss trashed his apartment

The shocking behavior of the player attracts attention. He trashed his apartment when he spent about half a million rubles in the casino in two months. The streamer was very drunk, and losing the last money caused an inadequate reaction.

His live broadcasts and processed videos gain 200 thousand views or more. By the way, initially he paid attention to haters and got into fights with them, but then he learned to ignore them. According to him, he reads forums with hateful posts, but removes vile comments on his channels.

In his free time, Viktor Khlusov runs his travel blog

Over the years of communicating with the audience, Viktor Khlusov has developed his own formula for the success of a YouTube channel about gambling:

  • He streams for real money, and plays on maxbet. The record bet on a spin reached 20 thousand rubles.
  • Gives advice to beginners on playing in an online casino.
  • Reveals the secrets of slot machines. He bets only on licensed software from NetEnt, Microgaming, Push Gaming, etc.
  • Helps novice casino streamers.

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The best drifts

  • The drift of 6 million rubles, which gave the Jack and The Beanstalk slot from NetEnt, became fateful. From that moment on, the player’s popularity began to grow. By the way, then the player began to cry with joy. His emotionality and a big win did their job.
  • Another deposit of 8 million rubles was received on the Jammin Jars slot machine from Push Gaming. Vitus first leaked a million, then brought in 200 thousand and hit the jackpot in one spin. In a fit of emotion, he even broke the monitor.
  • Mega-skid in the Dead or Alive slot brought 6.5 million rubles. Vitus managed to catch five scatters.
  • There are more than 60 videos on the streamer’s channel with skids of one million rubles and above.

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Fighting ludomania

In his streams Vituss talks about ludomania. There are videos on his channel where he talks about the problems that gambling addiction causes. He gives all the tips and recommendations to the players, referring to his own experience. He does not promote gambling, claiming that it is impossible to get rid of the need to play.

By the way, he openly calls himself a ludoman. At the same time, he gives advice to others and tells them how to get out of the “networks”.

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Five facts about the streamer

Favorite slot machines Elements, Jack and The Beanstalk, Wish Master and Girls with Guns Frozen
Channels Vitus, Vitus online and Vitus Razor
Casino Licensed with software certificates
Reviews On casinos and slot machines
Partnership Affiliate of famous online casinos

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Casinos where Vitus plays

Earlier we told you which casino Vitus plays at – more about it here. Victor prefers only licensed and well-known casinos. In his videos, he often emphasizes that a proven gambling establishment is the key to a successful game. In the main, he streams in PlayFortuna, JoyCasino, PlayAmo, Goldfishka. His choice indicates an honest attitude towards the audience.

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